Edamame – Periderm (OUT NOW!)

Edamame – Periderm (Friday)

These kids from the Bay Area, False Profit, throw this dope party in the woods called Priceless for a small number of folks. It’s fresh because they don’t even announce the lineup of musicians until the tickets have already been sold, which reflects how many people are interested in the whole experience over seeing their favorite music. And really the Forest Stage at Priceless is one of the best experiences we’ve ever had, because it’s all about displaying unique and experimental approaches to sound collage and electronic music that you don’t get unless there’s an abstract/7th tent at your favorite festival. I mean fuck, they even invited Set In Sand to play which is how we found out about Priceless in the first place…

Anyways, Forest Stage, a stage you can count on to bring you into new worlds, is where we met Ed(amame) who makes sounds for you to float to, as he would call it, and we loved Ed immediately and his music, and we got to talking about releasing his new material at Abandon Building and here we are…

Ed’s new album Periderm is a multilayered tissue system of soothing organic electronic beats that will put you in a state of euphoric bliss and/or get you across the country by plane train bike or automobile in around 80 minutes or 1 second….

Enough ranting, golly, scope the tunes below, and grab up his albums for Free / Pay what you want at Bandcamp.

Edamame – Periderm
Edamame Soundcloud
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