ABR025 | umin – antiv

Umin – Antiv

Umin is a one of a kind artist, much like itself. The Ukulele has been known to hold space for Rhythm to make it’s moves as Singers voice their tonal poems over it’s chill and subtle chords. It is rare that a Ukulele can also dance and sing along to itself, this is untrue for a Umin collection, wherein the Ukulele can do things no other Ukulele can. With the help of Kevin Poole at it’s helm, Umin calls up Ethereal Numerical Commands and Magical Codes to create Intricately Programmed Ukulele Metamorphosis. Yes, Umin’s Ukulele spins every element into a Web of Intangible Abstraction, which is, in our opinion what Sound would like to do the more that it get’s to know Us.

Antiv, the new collection of tracks from Umin in the form of a so called “album” will burst your bubble and tie your shoelaces together. The albums 13 originals vary from insane scattering melodic puzzles to halfway straightforward patterned dissonance. They are even visited at times by oddly fitting voices from collaborators Nic Powers and Matt Mooney. As well we get to hear selections collaborated upon by Matthew Shelton, who plays the Array Mbira on ‘concentr,’ Elle Crash, who plays Bass and Keyboards alongside Brian Kitzmiller sharing his percussive chunks on the track ‘tesil,’ Scot Torres gifts some delightful piano to ‘osciii,’ and even Set In Sand plays drums on ‘lenil.’ antiv is a ride like no other, in which the journey is the territory.

Try out some Umin today, if you are ready.