ABR024 | Rachael Boyd – Too High

Rachael Boyd – Too High EP + Remixes


(Aug 6th ) Rachael Boyd and her band play some of the greatest music on earth in today’s world, and they’ve only just begun. Layers of Piano, Strings, Acoustic and Synthesized Drumbeats and various Percussion (Vibes, Marimba) combine together sometimes with voice to create a relationship one normally only dreams of in music, and rarely experiences. Picture the best elements of Mum, Mirah, Third Eye Foundation, Remote Viewer, Laura Marling, Do Make Say Think, Origamibiro, Godspeed and other stuff, all coming together in a brand new band with infinite potential and you will get close to considering what Rachael Boyd sounds like when translating her sound to words. Just listen for your sake. Rachael Boyd – Too High by abandonbuilding Rachael’s Soundcloud.

and a video for You Need To Stop Looking…

and a video for “Back In Your Box”

Back In Your Box by Rachael Boyd from Rachael Boyd on Vimeo.

from a FREE EP released on eleven-eleven label