ABR020 | Origamibiro – Shakkei Remixed

Origamibiro – Shakkei Remixes CD (May 21st)

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With their recent full length release “Shakkei,” the performance video’s of the song’s “Quad Time,” and the more recent “Specimens,” coupled with the bands new transformation into an audio visual experience, wherein musicians Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh play, record and stack various physical objects such as a typewriter or a folded piece of paper, and then a multitude of instruments from bowed guitars to rhodes and upright bass, all the while video artist Jim Boxall is recording processing and projecting back the light end of the spectrum, Origamibiro’s new collection of 17 remixes, “Shakkei Remixed”, is destined to be part of a run on sentence, however one worth reading.

On Shakkei Remixed, fans will hear the originals taken on new journeys by the groups, Plaid, ISAN, Proem, aus, Melodium, The Remote Viewer, Leafcutter John, offthesky, and Set In Sand, amongst others. It’s a compilation of extremely awesome beat oriented material by great artists using an all ways pleasing sound source.