ABR019 | K-Conjog – Set Your Spirit Freak

K-Conjog – Set Your Spirit Freak (April 20th)

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The new album “Set Your Spirit Freak,” by Fabrizio Somma is a warm and enchanting journey through peaceful and serene soundscapes of piano’s and strings, driven by heavy glitchy beats, which groove just enough to make you want to dance, well at least bob your head. Throughout the album you’ll find hints of human voices peering out of the mix and chopped to the rhythms, as well the found sounds of nature appear pretty often. K-Conjog’s debut will deliver the message, this kid will probably make more stuff I will like.

SYSF is a collection of 10 songs, some over 10 minutes long, each with their own momentum and purpose, who also work together seamlessly as an album. Listeners will be moved and mezmerized by the deep feelings emanating from the layers of inertia generated by these songs. Please take the time and enjoy a listen from one of Italy’s finest undiscovered beatmakers, K-Conjog. (for whom the name was derived from looking at his first stereo)