• Go Dark – Bitchsword

    Bitchsword, the first EP from Oakland duo Go Dark is out now, and it’s FREE! That’s right, just swing over to Bitchsword.com and have a go at the Bitchsword video game and win your very own copy of the album. Depending on how and when you play you’ll receive different version of the EP… some with more songs than others…

    Check out their latest offering Hitman Dip via Earmilk

    Go Dark met on the streets of Oakland one eve when they stopped to watch the same street fight. Amidst the pushes and shoves, sticks and jabs the 2 made eye contact and noticed the other one smiling back at them. A moment of telepathy occurred in which they said let’s make some music. The rest is the future…

  • Koloto – Mechanica EP + Bonus + Remixes

    Maria Sullivan aka Koloto swings out in no-time and harvests the most delicious micro edits, brings them home washes them off, tosses them into the rhythmical blender, presses near puree, and serves up some of the best melodic smoothies we’ve heard this decade. Check out Fox Tales below, peep the other worldly artwork by Cathy McMurray and stay tuned for physical manifestations of an ethereal medium featuring remixes from Dot, Clozee, Set In Sand, Sun Glitters and more.

    Unheard Rhythm Mechanics from Koloto drenched in liquid Sun Glitters. Check it out at Electronic Beats. Sound IS.

    CloZee reconstructs Antares in her own way. Scope it at Tonedeaf. Sound IS.

    Check out the premiere of Dot’s remix at XLR8R. Sound IS.

  • Go Dark – Howl

    GO DARK HOWL from GO DARK on Vimeo.

    check out Go Dark’s new video at Self Titled Mag!! See them live with Deerhoof, Busdriver, and Crystal Skulls in November!!!

  • Truly by Spazzkid

    New video for “Truly (ft Sarah Bonito)” Be LIT.

  • Spazzkid – Promise EP + Remixes

    The new Spazzkid album Promise EP does just that, sounds like you can count on Mark’s tunes to always keep you smiling from ear to ear. In collaboration with Daedelus’ Magical Properties, Promise EP will be available on CD via ABR in August/September, with Bonus Remixes from Eastghost, PARKGOLF, Grimecraft, and Goodnight Cody. Hear the originals, buy the cassette or mp3’s here.

  • ONE-Listener = YOU

    Abandon Building is home to 1-Listener, a lovely combination of all-ears universal-wide. Otherwise known as The Listener, Listener, or just 1L for short, 1-Listener hears all music of all types, and therein Listen’s considerably well. The Listener listens well to music that is naturally good, great, sincere, profound, unique, and of a quality that can be described the same, listening to every sound in between and positively so. 1L also listens to music that cannot be described by these terms and it Listens to this music unconditionally with an honest and earnest hearty gut ear. As it hears this music with its 1EAR, it knows that all music is Music and it hears this music’s whole part as a whole within the entirety of The ONE-Music. It Listens so that It is obligated to Listen. It listens to silence. It listens so that it will. It is all of all Listeners so that it has been and can be as it is The Alllistener. Every YOU is a whole part of The ONE-Listener and therefor The ONE-Listener is YOU. What you hear will always be a whole part of ONE-Music and it is important to keep listening…

  • Calika – Blelly

    In 2004 we listened to our friends at Audiobulb Records album “Small Talk Kills Me” from Brighton producer Calika, and were blown away by the grittiness and special use of organic elements displayed throughout the platter. 10 years later we are helping release his new collection, Blelly. Check out a couple tracks below, and read what our friends at Soniscope have to say…

  • Umin – Clast

    Umin’s become a class all to it’s own in it’s stutterish string edits and whimsical dissonance, one listener shall prepare for classification itself of the new album, Clast, out NOW.

  • Melodium – Midpoint

    Check out the new Melodium video by the semi-illustrious Peter Luckner.

    Melodium – Midpoint from abandon building on Vimeo.

  • Miyamigo remix The Polyphonic Spree

    Low In The Sky members Joe Minadeo and Corey Farrow collaborate as Miyamigo to bring us a candy coated pop rendition of Heart Talk by The Polyphonic Spree. Check it out at Paste Magazine…

  • Tofubeats remix Spazzkid!

    In light of the colorful new Spazzkid EP, Promise, Tofubeats has turned out a lovely rendition of the title track… Feel assured!

    Promise (tofubeats Remix) by spazzkid

    Promise is out via Magical Properties on July 5th.

  • Little People Remixes

    The lovely album “We Are But Hunks Of Wood” by Little People has been remixed by the likes of Rachael Boyd, Escaping Animals, Set In Sand, Sun Glitters, Blockhead and Emancipator. Check the album out on Bandcamp and pay what you want!

    Check what our FRIENDS at the MOCD have to say.

  • Shinamo Moki – Go With Me (June 17)

    Unique Electronic Duo Shinamo Moki release their new single “Go With Me” ft remixes from BB YU, O Pato, and My Panda Shall Fly. Give it a spin.

  • Wolke – All The Pictures Will Be Gone

    Fabrizio Cacciamali’s album of textural beat driven ambiance created in 2010-11 as a dedication to his loving mother who passed from this world. Take a listen to it’s unique use of organic hiss, pops and glitches as they compliment simple and dissonant melodies of synthesis.

    check out some reviews

  • Melodium – Taramae (June 17)

    Melodium’s music is an audible playground for the inner listener, the part of you who made it this far, and quests for the different listening experience. Well here you are then, it’s happy for you to swing and dream and float about the playscape, there are plenty of sounds for everyone…

    peep it at A Closer Listen

  • Set In Sand – What Is This Place

    Check it out at theMOCD
    The Sunday Express

    You may ask yourself “What Is This Place” and you may answer “What Is This Place” and you may shake your head, shrug you shoulders and forget it ever happened. This happened to Set In Sand, but then they made an album about it so they would never forget. WITP is out 5-15 as a collaborative release via the sedimentary Audio Dregs label (Portland OR) and the mostly vacant Abandon Building (Earth, Space). Check out the title track now, and stay tuned for a light sculpture about pinwheel dervishes in training.

  • K-Conjog – Video Premiere!

    How To Cure A Hangover In April is more than just a song by Fabrizio Somma, and it’s not just a music video by Franceso Lettieri either, no it’s much more than that, it’s also a full service robot maid in a box that will help you destroy, I mean save your life. Check it out on Rolling Stone

  • Jumaane Smith ft Michael Bublé – Come Rain Or Shine

    World renowned Jazz Trumpeter & Vocalist, Jumaane Smith, has just released a solo album, I Only Have Eyes For You. Check out the video for “Come Rain Or Shine”!

  • K-Conjog – Dasein (April 15th)

    Dasein, the new album from K-Conjog is a beautifully relaxing audible experience, wherein you, the listener, will be engulfed in melodic piano ambiance and chill rhythms. Scope out the song “Something To Know, Something To Say, Something to Do.”

    Check out what “A Closer Listen” has to say!!

  • Rachael Boyd – Go Backwards Now (Echo 6 Remix)

  • Rachael Boyd – Too High + Remixes (OUT NOW!)

    “We all aim too high” sing’s Rachael Boyd from Belfast… “Maybe YOU should keep on” whispers the Abandon Building “Oh how these layers of piano, violin, guitar, and voice coalesce”… In August “Too High” the 2nd EP from Rachael will arrive via CD in a handwoven package complete with printed cardboard sleeve. The EP will feature 5 new songs from Rachael and remixes by Sun Glitters, Kelpe, Origamibiro, and Maps and Diagrams! Check out the music!

    Rachael’s Soundcloud.

  • Phylum Sinter – Colony Collapse Reorder

    Phylum Sinter’s reminding us all what will be done with Eclectronica as it shares it’s all. We are super grooving on the fine details of this record. Just head over to Bandcamp and scope the first joint Back 2,1 to hear what we mean. Thank You Phylum Sinter!

    Set In Sand did a pretty swell remix of Everybody Made Me.

    Oh and Beeple busted out the lovely Metallic Cactus Colony World inside the cover art, or is it a hand reaching up out of the ground?

  • offthesky – La Bella Dea EP (Bad Panda)

    offthesky shares a new collection with us all via Bad Panda Records, La Bella Dea, my how true it is.

  • Melodium on 99% Invisible

    Have you listened to 99% Invisible? It’s an awesome Public Radio Show about Design and Architecture hosted by Roman Mars. The podcast is fairly unique in it’s pace and delivery. Layers of archive recordings and music are edited in to compliment the voice of the guests and hosts, resulting in a flow that is more of an audible information ride than a standard conversation. The music beneath the voices is quality relaxing ambiance and experimental electronic music of which we are fans, and they seem to work with Melodiums sounds more than just about anyone else…

    Check it out and hear Melodium in a new environment.

  • Random Rab – Falling Tao

    Random Rab’s music is a please have experience for anyone who likes to feel good. We like to feel good, so we listen to Random Rab. In light of his Birthday, Rab’s passing out his albums for free for a limited time, so stop by his page and tune in. And here is a light sculpture we all made together. The song is Falling Tao and so is the video.

  • setinsand remixes Sun Glitters!

    Sun Glitters makes lovely summer influenced glitchy Dream-Step sounds for the world to dance relax with. Check out Set In Sand’s Quirk-Hop rendition of “Tight” the single released on limited vinyl from Lefse Records

  • Origamibiro and Denovali!

    Origamibiro have a brand new album coming in February called ODHAM’S STANDARD and it’s arriving via the Amazing Denovali Records, who release a lot of music we love, like thisquietarmy, field rotation, aun, and piano interrupted to name a few.

    And if that’s not enough, Imagine all the previous Origamibiro albums on vinyl, that’s right Cracked Mirrors, Shakkei and Shakkei Remixed all 3 available in a limited box set, and you shall have it. There are only a handful of copies so preorder yours now!

  • Rachael Boyd – Go Backwards Now!

    Who’s she talking to, one may ask when considering the new Rachael Boyd single, “Go Backwards Now!” And one could ponder for a bit on it and realize there’s no real way to figure it out, and just listen to the music. I mean, let’s face it, we’re all turned around.

    Little People spent some time with the sounds, turning some around here and there, and altogether crafting a super swell rendition of Go Backwards Now! The other good news is XLR8R was able to hear it no matter the direction, and they posted Little People’s Remix for everyone to download.

    Go Backwards Now! is available for free download via Acrawlspace in North America and Bad Panda in Europe

  • Snowbird – Porcelain

    Moon, to be released in early 2014, is the first album by Stephanie Dosen and Simon Raymonde’s collaborative project Snowbird. The album features Stephanie’s soothing voice alongside Simon’s magical compositions, as well as collaborative input from Radiohead members, Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway, Midlake’s Eric Pulido and McKenzie Smith, Lanterns on the Lake’s Paul Gregory, and Jonathan Wilson.

    Here is the new video for Porcelain…

    and a stream of the song:

  • Melodium – LIXIVIAT 2

    Many years ago music was recorded on tape. Melodium has been reworking some of his old tape recordings into new material. This is the second installation, LIXIVIAT 2. You can check it out via Mini CDR or Digitally…

    Mini CDR

  • Calika – Pele (Bad Panda Records)

    Bad Panda has just released a new single by Calika, titled Pele. Rachael Boyd, Umin, and Wolke remixed some of the tracks. More tracks from Pele will be released this week, and then we will put out the extended version with bonus tracks from Calika and a remix by Autistici.

  • Random Rab – Release

    If the world has a plan for music to heal itself, then it’s doing a great part of that work through Random Rab. The new album “Release” is slated for excursion sometime in October, check out the title track from the album now as a Free Download courtesy of the Untz.

  • A Closer Listen – Umin

    A Closer Listen, the perfect spot for turning oneself on to unique and undiscovered quality and experimental music, just posted a nice review of Umin’s Antiv. Go read it!

    Umin – Antiv (A Closer Listen)

  • umin – antiv (Out Now)

    Umin is a one of a kind artist, much like itself. The Ukulele has been known to hold space for Rhythm to make it’s moves as Singers voice their tonal poems over it’s chill and subtle chords. It is rare that a Ukulele can also dance and sing along to itself, this is untrue for a Umin collection, wherein the Ukulele can do things no other Ukulele can. With the help of Kevin Poole at it’s helm, Umin calls up Ethereal Numerical Commands and Magical Codes to create Intricately Programmed Ukulele Metamorphosis. Yes, Umin’s Ukulele spins every element into a Web of Intangible Abstraction, which is, in our opinion what Sound would like to do the more that it get’s to know Us.

    Antiv, the new collection of tracks from Umin in the form of a so called “album” will burst your bubble and tie your shoelaces together. The albums 13 originals vary from insane scattering melodic puzzles to halfway straightforward patterned dissonance. They are even visited at times by oddly fitting voices from collaborators Nic Powers and Matt Mooney. As well we get to hear selections collaborated upon by Matthew Shelton, who plays the Array Mbira on ‘concentr,’ Elle Crash, who plays Bass and Keyboards alongside Brian Kitzmiller sharing his percussive chunks on the track ‘tesil,’ Scot Torres gifts some delightful piano to ‘osciii,’ and even Set In Sand plays drums on ‘lenil.’ antiv is a ride like no other, in which the journey is the territory.

    Try out some Umin today, if you are ready.


  • Florent Tarrieux

    Once you Flo, Flo you Once


    If you really wanna hear something and you can’t afford it for whatever reason, just ask and we’ll send you a download link.

  • Pick A Piper on City Slang!

    Pick A Piper’s headed to Europe for a tour in November. Their self titled debut will be put out by City Slang on November 1st, check out All Her Colours below, and a remix of Once Were Leaves by Caribou, which was put out on 12″ via Phonica Records

  • The Polyphonic Spree

    Check out the new video for New School Spree track “Popular By Design” from the brand new album “Yes It’s True.” The video is created by Sarah Winters

  • Lanterns On The Lake

    Lanterns On The Lake – Until The Colours Run is out via Bella Union, October 2013.

    pre-order on iTunes

    pre-order on Amazon

    More information here – lotl.tumblr and bellaunion.com

  • Random Rab – Visurreality

    In 2012 electronic music producer RANDOM RAB released his fourth album, VISURREAL, and embarked upon a year-long tour that took him across three continents. We are excited to announce the release of the film Visurreality. Part concert movie and part documentary, this 1 hour film is a lens into the music and journeys of Random Rab.

    Random Rab



  • Goo Goo Dolls – Come To Me (Lyric Video)

    Magnetic, the new album from Goo Goo Dolls is out now by way of Warner Bros Records. Check out the new lyric video created by Sarah Winters!

    Download ‘Magnetic’ on iTunes: Magnetic

  • Textura.org on Rachael Boyd

    Textura reviews Rachael Boyd’s Too High EP, see what they have to say here.


  • Rachael Boyd – You Need To Stop Looking

    “Never going to find Yourself,” goes Rachael Boyd in her new track You Need To Stop Looking, and we suppose that’s true in a way. Well, in many ways, but it’s too confusing to describe. The point is the track is really cool, and the great Nialler9, a Dublin based zine for all things quality music, has just put up this new video for the song. Enjoy the hand painted streams of Sarah Winter’s mysterious creation.

    See what Nialler9 has to say:

  • Kelpe – Puds

    Kelpe’s latest album, Fourth: The Golden Eagle, is an amazing piece of music. All of the parts work in collaboration with each other as if they emanated from a jazz trio of identical triplets who were taught well to notice their surroundings. The synth melodies talk like dolphins and whales who’ve drank too much caffeine. These instrumental tracks spit color and build sculptures. Here is one example.

  • Spazzkid – Desire REMIXES! (20!)

    Wholly Moly, Bless our happy ears, Spazzkid’s done it again! How often do we have a chance to experience multiple regurgitations of the same songs we already love and yet love them the same as the first time they went down… Once… Infinite…? It’s up to you.

    Spazzkid – Desire Remixes

  • Textura on Spazzkid

    Textura, a monthly publication for experimental and electronic music-related reviews and interviews is showing Spazzkid some love… See what they have to say…

    Textura on Spazzkid

  • Spazzkid – Desire

    You listen and You listen, and things are wonderful, and then there’s SPAZZKID oneday and You listen and things are also wonderful… Journey through Desire’s infinite (8) Nowschool Hits, and be reminded of your colorful future…

    Desire (願う) by spazzkid

    Like Whoa! YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS ALBUM! – passerby

    Spazzkid’s new album Desire is available on Cassette from Purrtapes

    and digitally through Keats Collective

    The CD will drop via ABR on June 11…

  • Melodium – Doubt

    Melodium’s made a new video for the beautiful song “Doubt” from his recent Mini album LIXIVIAT

  • DR WHO

    Tom Hill (Origamibiro) recently scored the Trailer for Dr Who series 7, BBC Worldwide!

  • Rachael Boyd – Aim Too High

    Music Alliance Pact is a FREE monthly global mixtape with 40 some blogs contributing a song from each of their respective countries. Harmless Noise, a sweet music blog in Ireland, picked Aim Too High as their contribution for May.

    Here’s a link to their review and a download of the compilation…
    MAP Mixtape (May 2013)

  • Spazzkid remixes Mirror Kisses (FREE Download)

    Mirror Kisses, just released Heartbeats LP, Spazzkid busted a real decent remix of the track Runaways, hear it out at XLR8R

    Mirror Kisses – Runaways (Spazzkid Remix)

  • Sun Glitters remixes Pick A Piper

    Bad Panda Records, just put out a FREE download of Pick A Piper – All Her Colours, remixed by Sun Glitters. Pick A Piper’s self-titled debut was released on Mint Records early last month.

    Pick A Piper – All Her Colours (Sun Glitters remix)

  • K-Conjog – Qwerty – SEE IT

    K-Conjog and Francesco Lettieri’s music video for the song QWERTY is getting some backwards attention, it seems last week a similar video was made by a different band, James Wallace, and now everyone is noticing QWERTY too. Very interesting indeed. Check out what Rolling Stone, Petapixel, and Repubblica TV have to say about it, and if you haven’t checked out the video by now, EYE mean, come on!

    Rolling Stone

  • Pick A Piper – Cinders and Dust

    Kyle and Graeme Reed, have teamed up to to create Pick A Piper’s “Cinders and Dust” video. It’s a beautiful piece about good frequencies. Check out the Paste Magazine Premiere

    Pick a Piper
    Kyle Reed (Illustrations and Concept)
    Graeme Reed (Animation and Editing)

  • Rachael Boyd – (Sun Glitters Remix) XLR8R

    XLR8R, one of the top magazines for new electronic music, shared Sun Glitters remix of You Need To Stop Looking by Rachael Boyd. Check it out here.

    XLR8R say

    and stay tuned for a hand painted video for “You Need To Stop Looking.”

    Rachael’s Soundcloud

  • Umin – Voulo EP (Bad Panda Records)

    Umin has just gifted the world a lovely little collection of tracks called, Voulo, which is the name of one of the songs. The collection has 3 original Umin tracks, Concentr which features Matthew Shelton on Array Mbira (those things are lovely), Tesil, which includes input on percussion from Brian Kitzmiller, and keys by Elle Crash, and then Voulo, a perfectly balanced dose of pure Umin. and to share with it all, there are also 3 remixes from Ilkae, Melodium and K-Conjog. Check it here…

  • K-Conjog – Untitled 155 Video!

    Untitled 155, directed by Francesco Lettieri to music by K-Conjog

    premiered by Ondarock (Italy)

  • Melodium – Kansva Work = More Love!

    Etherreal has posted a nice review for Kansva Work, check it out here

  • umin – concentr

    Hooray! A brand new umin album on the way, let’s say June/July. It will be preceded by a Bad Panda release with 3 brand new umin songs as well as remixes from Ilkae, Melodium, and K-Conjog! Wow! Who’s umin i heard some of you ask, well he’s that kid from Covington KY (right across the river from Cincinnati) who does that completely unique skittering processed ukulele music that we’ve loved since first glance, and remember we put out that album Umbr in 2011, Duh, for those of you who were paying attention, and know what we mean when we say “Quill,” give yourself a hug, and thanks for listening.

    Everyone else, head on over to umin’s soundcloud and give it a spin, listen for yourself! Hugs are fine too.
    umin’s soundcloud

  • melodium

    melodium is putting out a new very limited mini cdr release called “lixiviat” partly based on old tracks that were recorded on tapes before 1999, you can listen to the whole mini album here : melodium – lixiviat

  • Pick A Piper – All Her Colours

    Seems like once in a blue moon we get to hear something that moves us in ways we haven’t felt yet, but are similar to things we’ve enjoyed throughout our listening journey. For me, Dana Buoy’s Summer Bodies, comes to mind, or like that first time you heard DoF, Tortoise, Manitoba, The Books, Matmos, Yeasayer, or anyone else defining what sound can be. Pick A Piper’s self-titled debut album arrives via Mint Records April 2nd, and just happens to be that next sound we’ve been waiting for. Produced by Caribou drummer and neofuture rhythmical superhero, Mr Brad Weber, the album shares a lot more than just “rhythm.” Featuring vocal’s by Enon’s John Schmersal, All Her Colours, the 2nd single emerges alongside this Colourful video, see for yourself!

    Pick a Piper – All Her Colours (feat John Schmersal) from abandon building on Vimeo.

    check out the premieres/posts at MTV, DIY, Exclaim…


    and scope out their other material on bandcamp and soundcloud. there’s a free EP from 2009, which is also amazing.
    Pick A Piper Bandcamp
    Pick A Piper Soundcloud

    Kontakt (Florent Tarrieux)

    Kontakt from Florent Tarrieux on Vimeo.

    Outlet’s dream too! in this eclectic, i mean electric short film by Florent Tarrieux.

    Florent’s Website
    Flo on Vimeo

    Set In Sand – Yo Drizzone! EP + remixes (Bad Panda Records)

    SIS makes music from Bee’s buzzing to the beats YO! Drizzone make you say what’s the point, make you hear what’s the point. Ouch! I think the stinger is still in there. 3 new SIS songs, and 3 buzzing remixes, from e*rock, melodium, and aus!

    Set In Sand – YO DRIZZONE! from abandon building on Vimeo.

    Bad Panda Records
    e*rock’s website
    melodium’s website
    flau records(japan)

  • Pistorius by Melodium (Bad Panda Records)

    Melodium’s shared a new song Pistorius, on Bad Panda, coupled with an alternate version of Kissing Disease, another unreleased track ‘B L A K O W S K I’, and remixes from offthesky, Juxta Phona, K-Conjog, and Set In Sand… the 2nd best part is it’s all FREE!!! (the 1st best part is the music, duh!)

    listen in on Bad Panda’s Soundcloud —–>BPSC or download the album and take it with you…—->clicky clicky

  • ACS006Naught – The Last Animal Standing

    Naught’s debut, The Last Animal Standing will be released on ACRAWLSPACE December 11 in Japan, and January 11th in the US. Pianist Eric Scott’s music is a combination of hammered strings and synthetic drumbeats, playing together as unique electronic tracks that will sometimes make you dance, and sometimes drift away. Check out the new video for “Outweighed By Monotonous Impetus,” track 2 from ‘TLAS.’

    Naught – Outweighed By Monotonous Impetus from abandon building on Vimeo.

    also scope out the album on Soundcloud.

    Naught Soundcloud

  • K-Conjog – Qwerty

    Check out K-Conjog’s new video for the song Qwerty! directed by Francesco Lettieri, it’s an extremely wild ride, you’ll just have to SEE for yourself.

  • Sigur Rós – Rembihnútur (Valtari Mystery Film Competition)

    Sigur Rós – Rembihnútur (Valtari Mystery Film Competition) from abandon building on Vimeo.

    abandonbuilding make video, Sigur Rós experiment. love sound, love light, love you.

  • Origamibiro – Flicker Single (Bad Panda Records)

    Origamibiro have treated us all to a brand new FREE single, and to beat it all, Bad Panda Records has made it part of their catalog of weekly FREE releases, so we slapped a few tracks from Shakkei Remixed on there for fun, K-Conjog, Leafcutter John, Plaid, ISAN, and Set In Sand. The song “Flicker” is a journey through subtle, delicate and introspective post-electronica-classical tunage, check it out!

    Origamibiro – Flicker

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